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How to get started with your new Slink Physique body


Thanks for reading the Slink Physique documentation! I've tried to make sure you can find the answer to your question quickly. If you're wondering how to do something, have a look at the How do I ...? section below. If you're having trouble with something, check out the Help! section. Lastly if you're not sure what something you received is for, have a look at the What's in the box? section.

For a look at the HUD and videos explaining how it works have a look at the Slinkstyle blog post

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How do I ..?

How do I customise the Physique body shape?

The Slink Physique body is a fitted mesh product, which means it responds to the avatar shape and size sliders! Try on some shapes, tweak your own or have a play with the sliders to see what look suits you best. Note that some sliders affect the body slightly differently than they would the standard avatar, so experiment and see what you like!

How do I wear my Slink hands, feet or head with the body?

The Slink Physique Utilities HUD will automatically set the correct wrists and ankles setting for you!

How do I use appliers for the body?

Wear or Add the applier HUD and the Physique body and HUD. Then, select which skin you want to add.

How do I apply the provided skins to my Slink hands, feet or head?

Navigate to the skins tab on your Physique HUD. Choose a skin tone that suits you. If you are wearing the Visage mesh head, and the Avatar Enhancement Hands and Feet, this option will also apply the textures to them. If you want to wear the default SL head, wear the corresponding skin in the Physique folder and adjust your face shape to suit it.

How do I wear fitted mesh clothing?

Wear or add the item of clothing and see if your body clips through it anywhere. Use the Slink Physique Utilities HUD Alpha tab to configure your alpha cuts to suit your clothing item. You don't need to hide ALL of the skin underneath the clothing, and you don't need to hide it to the exact edges of the garment, you only need to hide any parts that are showing through the mesh clothing.

How do I use the Auto Alpha MiniHUD?

Copy the Auto Alpha MiniHUD into the clothing folder with the clothing item you want to wear. Rename it to suit, then wear the clothing and the MiniHUD. Edit the alphas to suit the clothing and once you are happy, click the Auto Alpha MiniHUD once to save the settings. Detach the miniHUD, reset your body so that it's visible, then wear the MiniHUD again. The alpha parts you saved should disappear when you wear it.

You can stack more than one copy of the Auto Alpha MiniHUD if you are wearing more than one item of mesh clothing.

How do I wear applier clothes?

Use the Slink Physique Utilities HUD Layers Tab to make sure the part of the appropriate layer (underwear or clothing) is visible, wear or add the provided clothes HUD and select the piece of clothing you want to wear.

Note that it's possible to show, for example, only the panties on the underwear layer. Make sure you have the desired areas visible.

How do I wear mesh clothes made for Physique?

These are clothes that are made to conform to the avatar as well as the SL viewer will allow. Simply wear or add these clothes to your avatar while wearing the body and it should work seamlessly!

How do I wear the SL avatar hands, feet or head with the body?

Default SL avatar hands & feet

To make the SL avatar hands and feet match the body, make sure you're using the leg muscles, torso muscles and body fat settings from the XS standard body size.

Note: This isn't relevant or necessary if you're wearing Slink Avatar Enhancement hands or feet! They are designed to work with the body for an easy experience.

Default SL avatar head

The SL avatar head should fit without issue if your body fat slider is set between 0 and 5 or so. Any higher than that and you can use the neck fitting option on the Physique Alpha and Clothing Layers HUD to make the neck fit better. The options are labelled after the body fat percentage that they'll fit perfectly, so pick whichever one is closest to your setting. (Female HUD only)

The Male body will fit decently at the neck up to body fat 10. It's designed for body fat 0. It is not recommended to set the body fat higher than 10 on the male body - this causes distortion in the mesh body. Use the Body Thickness and Muscle sliders for adding bulk to your male body.

Wearing an applier tattoo and clothing together - Transparency Masking.

Second Life has a long standing rendering error which means that transparent textures laid upon other transparent textures will make the underneath textures randomly disappear. There is a workaround on the Slink Physique Utilities HUD for you. Navigate to the Layers Tab, and at the bottom of this tab you will find a section with 4 extra tabs and a colour palette. Layer masking is available on the Tattoo, Underwear and Clothing layers, and you can control the value of the mask, whether you want it higher or lower to show more or less of the texture. I recommend that you set the value at around 100 to start with and refine from there.

This works best if the clothing texture is solid, with a solid edge. It does not work on semi sheer, or sheer clothing, or lace. It does not work on most tattoos, so if you want to wear a tattoo underneath applier clothing, I recommend using the transparency mask on the clothing section.

Packaged skin and clothing

I have added the included skins and underwear appliers onto the main Slink Physique Utilities HUD for your convenience. Selecting one of these buttons will immediately apply the textures. Emergency underwear in a flash!

####"Special and Advanced Effects"
On the Effects tab you will find several new options. These allow you to control the level of glossiness, environment reflection and tint that is applied to any specular map on the selected layer. You will also be able to reset your specular tint to white (provided the base specular map is white by default and not coloured by the creator) and you will be able to clear/reset any specular map or normal map that is applied to the selected layer. To use, select the layer you want to change and adjust the settings to suit.

At the bottom of the effects tab, we have added the ability to turn on fullbright and glow settings for the selected layer.

Omega Support

Slink body parts now include support for Omega HUDs. This means you will need the Slink activator from the Love n Lust Designs store on the Marketplace, and you wear this with your Omega applier HUD to apply the textures to the Slink body system. If you require help with an Omega applier, please contact the applier creator, or Omega support.


My underwear or tattoo layer disappeared when I put on texture clothes!

This is a rendering bug in SL. There is a section on the Layers Tab to enable and change the value of the alpha mask on the selected layer.

We recommend that if you use a tattoo, enable the mask on your underwear or clothing layers. It will make a semi transparent texture completely opaque or completely transparent. Experiment with it.

My shoulders/groin clips through my texture outfit in certain poses!

There are buttons at the bottom of the Alpha Tab that allow you to turn off only the section in the armpits and groin on the SKIN layer to reduce clipping through the clothing layers.

The wrists on my Slink hands disappear when I put on my Physique Alpha and Layers hud!

This is a problem with an older version of the hands - please use the redelivery terminal to get the latest version of the Slink hands.

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